Arkcoders employees work to create, implement, and maintain the right strategies for our diverse group of clients. Together, we build long-term, measurable customer loyalty through the development of value-added programs.

As our service and product offerings expanded, and business strategy evolved, we chose Resources to better reflect our new direction.

Welcome to Arkcoders

We provide solutions that help unlock the power of Information Technology as a means to improve the efficiency and profitability of a company or organization

Founded on the belief that quality and value are the driving forces in any economy, especially a technology-centric one, we have chosen those very qualities to be the driving force behind our company.

We are capable of handling even the most demanding business projects, we pride ourselves on getting the job done, on time and on budget

We can help to keep your company competitive by providing unique products and services, customized to your particular business needs. Our ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment as well as master new technologies, keeps us ahead of the pack.

Arkcoders assists in developing new ways of working that include innovative strategy, process, organization, and system integration. At Padrauna Online, e-Business is about creating real, not perceived, value.

Arkcoders goes beyond technology to help you improve business value at every level. e-Business can help you find your competitive advantage and improve and strengthen relationships with your customers, clients, business partners, and staff.

Featured Projects & Technologies

The major projects we have done having following major technologies

Microsoft Technologies(Window and web applications),E-Commerce(Siteinfinity, Able commerce, AspDotNetStoreFront), IIS / Hosting Environments,MS SQL and using SQL Server environment for designing databases, WCF Services (SOAP and REST) support for Flex, iPhone and Android applications

  • Medical Domains
  • Auditing Softwares
  • GPS Trakers
  • E-commerce
  • Shopping cart
  • SEO Tools (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Utility & Tools


Contact Information

Contacts & Addresses :

Akhilesh Chaturbedi
Mohali (Chandigarh)
Skype: arkcoders

Recent Projects